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The Community Meal Project is designed to provide a welcoming atmosphere for ALL people to receive a free, nutritious meal and fellowship with others in the community. Options for referrals to community resources will provide opportunities for individual and family growth. As individuals and families are encouraged, our community is strengthened.

The Vision: We are dedicated to feeding the hungry, the lonely, and the hurting in our community by creating a welcoming atmosphere for all people to enjoy a free meal and fellowship.

The Mission: We seek to provide a place where all are welcome to share and enjoy a meal together.
We are geared toward serving:

  • Low income individuals & families
  • Senior citizens
  • Single parents & their children
  • Hurting or broken people
  • The homeless
  • Those seeking fellowship
  • People of all income levels are welcome to attend!

We endeavor to work with local churches and organizations to serve people of all denominations and all walks of life.

In addition to a free meal in a loving atmosphere, multiple Christian organizations will be offering prayer and pastoral care if so desired. 

We will also be offering referrals to community-based services for financial, social, and physical well-being.

To summarize, we will be a multi-generational, family-friendly ministry that feeds the body, mind, and soul.

The Plan: We are building support for a 7 day a week Community Meal by sharing the Vision and the Mission with people in our community through churches, local media, businesses, and individuals.

While the need is all around us, we have found the most desirable location for a facility would be from Rosser Ave. to Expressway and Washington St. to Airport Rd.

The Community Meal location wish-list includes a commercial kitchen, food pantry area, seating for at least 200 people, and a receiving area.  These space requirements will be considered in choosing a location.

The Community Meal Project is planning on serving an evening meal Monday through Friday and brunch on Saturday & Sunday all in a family-friendly atmosphere.

We LOVE volunteers!  Volunteers are a valuable resource and will be treated as such.  Volunteers for the Community Meal will come from meal sponsors, businesses, churches, and the community.  Families are welcome to volunteer, too!


Click Here to download a pamphlet for more information.