Israel Interest Meeting

Travel on a journey where Jesus made many miracles, in the Galilee, and in Capernaum. On this amazing tour you will experience the Mediterranean coast and the Valley of Armageddon, the birth place of Jesus Nazareth, Sail on the Sea of Galilee, We focus on Jesus early Ministry; Jordan River, Mount of Beatitudes. Then continue to Dead Sea, Old Jerusalem, Temple Mount in Jesus times, Mount of Olives, Kidron Valley, Garden of Gethsemane, Western Wall Mt. Zion, Upper Room, King David Tomb, Jewish Quarter, Bethlehem, Church of the Nativity, and Garden Tomb and so much more.

If you are interested in going to Israel in November we are having an interest meeting on Feb.19th at 1:30pm in room 102 right after 3rd service. Lunch will be provided, so RSVP by Wednesday, February 15th by emailing so we know you are coming!